What I'm about to say is a bit like telling everyone you own a pick up truck. The above ground pool is now being filled at our house. Understand I was not an advocate of this endeavor but as always was reminded that this is a democracy and as always I was out voted 2 to 1. Once it was established as a done deal I attempted to research the preparation of said ground location and although I attempte...d to espouse my knowledge, it was determined again that only about 30% was applicable and it would consume too much time. I contributed time in ground work but had to leave before completely accomplished. I give full credit to my bride and the fruit of our loins, Paula, for doing most of and finishing the work. Now the garden hose strains to fill the pool of tranquility. The workers have gone to fetch floating devices, one of which is required to have a beverage holder for their toady. In preparation for the Christening I am sipping freshly made Bloody Mary's and preparing the heaps of praise necessary to allow me entrance. A song never played around here would be the Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want. Next neighborhood project will be our neighbors raising their privacy fences for their own protection. My backyard neighbor called about flood and Tsunami insurance in case I decide to dive in. The girls bought some used seal horns from a circus, I guess they think I'm trainable.