Echoing my brothers sentiments this morning after an afternoon of reminiscing yesterday. We were off to a roaring start as I took him on an early visit to the Iowa State Fair (grounds that is). No admission fee made this particularly appealing to me but is also a place "Pop Pop", my grandfather and Grandma used to take us when we were barely old enough to remember (which could have been as late as... last year). Now that we're too old to climb the fence we searched the perimeter for weak spots and relived our childhood dreams of someday wearing bib overalls, a pith helmet and carrying a wooden cane like the security guards of yesteryear. Dave reminded me of the year he was turned in by our friend, Fat Dan Carroll, for damaging the tulips and was promptly carried out by 2 Iowa Troopers who made sure his feet never touched the ground. I was reminded of the time I pretended to be a deaf mute as one of the Carney's tried to explain to me, through a hilarious attempt at charades, how I could win a huge prize. Oh the memories, and one more made, as we laughed the afternoon away. Who would have thought that obnoxious little baby my parents brought home would forever be my brother but most of all my best friend.