It's been a long time since I felt like a 9 year old but yesterday I recovered that feeling. my daughter and I, after several failed attempts to load her kayak on top of the Jeep, decided it would fit inside. We lowered all the seats and proceeded to shove it in with a little more than an inch was hanging out. I surveyed the situation and determined that if we lowered the passenger seat up front we coluld get it all in. With the seat lowered I gave it a final push and voila it fit perfectly. I was on top of the world until my daughter got in to leave and saw the inch we gained in the back was now protruding through the front windshield. She came back with the often feared question of "What are we going to tell mom?" My mind instantly reverted to my juvenile ability to make up excuses and  was deciding which of the two of us could bare the blame and suffer the least consequences. Finally taking the adult approach told my wife the truth at which she said "Accidents Happen" but I didn't get ice cream after supper. I know it's a little late, but Dad if you can hear me, I broke the garage window 52 years ago not my little brother Dave. There, now I feel better.