Ahhhh, the trappings of age. got up to Umpire last night and then cover an Ames High Baseball game against my Alma Mater Lincoln High when I felt the pangs of back spasms. A debilitating, excruciating malady that happens once or twice a year. Recovery, so far, is fortunately swift in a day or two and I'm right back to abnormal. It serves as a humble reminder of the pains, that for some, never go a...way. I live in a protected environment, that is with a wife and daughter that restrict the tasks I am allowed to do at 66 almost to a point of embarrassment. Friends from the LAPD (Lovely Ames Police Department) have helped in numerous ways to prevent my vanity as a one time strong man from landing me in traction. It's difficult facing the physical limitations the years have placed on me but really makes me appreciate the generosity, caring and giving nature of the people who surround me.