What I thought would be a night of Cyclone sports and cheering turned into a night of praying for my younger brother Dave. Suddenly taken to the hospital, 2 and a half hours of surgery, his colon removed and biopsied for liver spots he lies in intensive care. He is a big part of my soul, as children we were not just brothers we were joined at the heart. One did not go anywhere without the other. The road ahead will be challenging but hopeful. His last groggy words to me "Melvy I'm not giving up, don't you" I assure you I won't. Hug your loved ones today, hold them close and never forget to tell them you love them, you can never do it too much. Sidenote: I have never been one known to visit hospitals, they literally make me nervous and ill. When he woke up and saw me standing there he said "Oh my God, you're here, I must be dying or I'm already dead and in Hell!" The Crippen sense of humor shows up at all occasions, known to help dry up tears. Side Sidenote: As a true Cyclone fan he asked me how the game came out.