You guys are too clever, even though I try not to publicize my birthday too much , many have figured out it is this Saturday. I have mentioned it on air a few times but only as to how it coordinates with other area events of that day like the Ames Police Benevolent Associations 3rd annual and 1st Annual Mel Crippen Golf Tournament. I have not really celebrated my birthday for many years and this one will be no different. I think part of that came when I realized in younger years the sacrifice my parents would make to afford me presents never realizing I knew my best gift was them. Please understand the material things in life have never been my goal even though I've had the good fortune to enjoy many. My gifts come every day that I'm afforded life amongst so many good people everywhere in a community that demonstrates through deed and caring the important things in life. All that being said, at 67 all cash donations are appreciated and yes I do accept checks (2 forms of I.D.)
. Thanks for all the early birthday wishes and the thousands of others I will receive in the coming days. What does Humility mean?