BREAKING NEWS! St. Patricks Day and I almost forgot with all the excitement about the NCAA. While I profess to no Irish Blood the rest of my family has researched it and proven me wrong except when they're mad at me and claim I'm adopted. I'm not adverse to the thought that I was adopted but it's hurtful when they said I was the last one at the orphanage and was adopted by a circus famil...y after the Gypsies that stole me had given me up. Anyway there's a wonderful parade put on by the Friendly Sons Of St. Patrick ( they get friendlier as the day goes on) that ends at the Downtown Marriot with drink, food and song. I would stay away from the corned beef and cabbage area as it has a tendency to become explosive with a beer mix. Hopefully I'll hook up with my son and brothers for a little celebration. Remember extra Law enforcement will be running throughout the state so make sure you have a designated leprechaun.