Valentines Day, another holiday that I have been accused of not celebrating in the way intended. I consider it contrived to the benefit of certain commercial entities, not that I am beyond appreciating the economic boom it offers to certain industries and I wish them well in their marketing genius. I suffice in knowing not a day goes by where I have failed to tell my family I love them and how imp...ortant they are to me. I was not always such a brazen non believer. I realized that it opened a door of opportunity for a clumsy and shy young man to proffer up a bribe to the beautiful ladies I felt were unapproachable for a pity expression of caring. I was trying to get them to discover that diamond hidden in that human lump of coal they saw before them. My bribe of choice was candy, it was a commodity that was more disposable than flowers if declined. What were the results of these attempts? 1 shy boy + 1 box of candy + 1 beautiful girl + many rejections = a 240lb High School Senior.