My worst fears realized about VEISHEA...CANCELLED!...This would have been my 50th and I was looking forward to it. I admit to being in denial as Trent brought it up Monday and I fought the thought with every bone in my body but deep inside knew there was merit to it. We all knew there was no other decision to be made, we had been warned. The feeling of helplessness is overwhelming because despite ...all precautions we still cannot keep these mentally defective, alcohol addled minds from ruining it for the 95% of the sensible celebrants. As I indicated earlier I support a zero tolerance policy by both local authorities and the University. If you break the law or the code of student conduct you get the maximum punishment. Over 90 years of VEISHEA Pride showcasing not only the greatest university but put on by an incomparable student effort will be forever blemished by the lowest examples of human life forms. To the VEISHEA Committee my deepest sympathies and complete appreciation for all you've done. To President Leath and all those involved in helping make what I feel was the only decision, Thank you for your diligence and concern for the safety of all. To the businesses and student organizations who depend on VEISHEA to raise funds for their other worthwhile events, I'm deeply sorry. Finally, it is to easy to paint the students with the wide brush of responsibility for what happened, they do not deserve these thoughtless accusations they are suffering the most for the actions of a few, many of which were not associated with Iowa State. God bless our University and always keep the many good thoughts of VEISHEAS past, do not let the riots stain the memory of such a noble celebration.