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Posted July 8th, 2014 @ 7:12am

I was thinking about the rush we all seem to be in and things that move them along. Easiest example is the phone, almost all of us have a cell or smart phone. If it's a cell you're somewhat antiquated, if it's a smart phone I'm convinced it's in comparison to the owner. The phrase "I'll call them when I get home" is history, you must be in contact now. With information at our fingertips at the pus...h of a button or use of a key phrase I'm not convinced that we're smarter but a bit lazier. I also believe we're content to let other people do the thinking for us, that's not all bad, I've certainly saved a lot of time usually spent in trial and error and finished a job successfully. Where I really appreciate the need for speed is the lack of patience shown for us older folks, I may be giving away an age old secret but the more we dawdle the more young folks will do for you. So while they may interpret it as a lack of understanding and the ability to teach us new tricks, we're actually using our newest trick in getting it done for us. I actually got someone to type (excuse me, keyboard) this posting for me because I'm too slow. Heh, heh, heh.......

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