A quick prejudiced thought or thoughts:
First I hope justice wins out in Ferguson Missouri. My sorrow that those that seek it through more violence get more coverage than those who are peacefully demonstrating. That the community can heal and grow after all circumstances are revealed. Finally my most prejudiced statement: In all walks of life there are good and bad people this includes those in law enforcement, but I assure you for every one of those who may abuse their responsibilities their are thousands at that same moment who are responding and saving lives as well as appropriately disseminating the laws they are sworn to uphold. We have all bad mouthed them over an undeserved ticket (or is it) and asked the question " aren't there bigger crimes you should be paying attention to" but in the end I'll bet there are more times you've been thankful they were there. I did not witness the altercation in Ferguson but I have faith justice will be done and the guilty punished. May time bring them peace.