Having too much time for thought at my age often causes memories to take over my mind. Having not used much of my thought process in youth, makes me cofident what popped in today was because of a lack of attention paid in 1953. My grandma Alma, a crafty woman with supernatural powers, decided that she would accomplish what my mom could not. to get me and my little brother Dave to eat spinach. her ...simple method was to tell me I could be like Popeye! I bit like a rabid dog, spinach would be the steroid by which I would gain superhuman strength. Thinking back, what made me want to be a one eyed sailor with misshapen arms, no hair smoking a corn cob pipe. My girlfriend would be a less than attractive type who has a possible love child named Sweetpea who has a pet of questionable breed called Jeep. If you timed the cartoon, Popeye got the crap beat out of him for 3/4's of it. I'm through with spinach Grandma, I'm not drinking your Kool Aid any more...P.S. please don't make your spirit come out of your buffet in my house, both Chris and Paula have seen you and it scares the hell out of them, me not so much because I still love you and besides Dave still won't eat his spinach!