Kids, first of all I don't want to debate 2nd amendment rights, you all get to have your metal pacifiers. What I am curious about is the fact I am out of the loop on the secret sign you have letting each other know you are legal and protectors of the American way. This all stems from an experience I had yesterday outside a Best Buy at Jordan Creek Mall. Two young men walked by me into the store, after they passed I noticed they both had what I knew to be Glocks stuck in the waistband at the back of their pants. Neither had holsters and were wearing the quick draw ass pants young people have halfway down their cheeks. My 1st question was, were they entering to rob the place, secondly were they merely angry and wanted to shoot some techies because their Xbox broke or were they just wanting to shop without fear because paranoia was already a part of their lives. I decided not to enter into the possible "Mass Killing of the Week". I did ponder this...Had gunfire broken out and there were one or two more of our gun toting Saviours inside, what is the secret sign so we know who the good guys are? When the police roll up, how do they determine the good from the bad guys, or do they just shoot and let God sort it out? If I and any other folks in the area are struck by a registered defenders stray or ricochet slug does the second Amendment allow for collateral damage or are you culpable? Finally, as a family sits at their local Ice cream store and some folks come in toting their Ar15 manhood on their shoulders should we finish our sundaes under the table or sit there with pride telling our kids "there's the reason we should always feel safe". Thanks for your consideration from a guy who's really trying too make sense of it and still not wet his pants.