I vividly remember the first time I met Hiawatha Rutland. It was 2003 and I was a sophomore at Iowa State, while he was a senior--and injured. Some of my schoolmates and I had just finished broadcasting an ISU football game for the student radio station when Rutland hobbled up to us on his crutches and said "Hey, I wanna be on your show." I was taken aback, until I realized he was talking about a student TV show I was producing. I never would have thought for a minute that an ISU athlete would spend any time watching the student TV station, much less the guy who led the Cyclones in rushing the year before. Nevertheless, there we were. I told him when and where to show up, and he did. This was also unexpected but more pleasently so. Rutland brought his own unique personality to the show, to put it mildly. We fell out of touch, outside of Facebook, of course, but it was another pleasant surprise to run into him at ISU's 2009 bow game in Arizona. I got a kick out of the fact he seemed to vaguely remember me. He saw the world a little differently which made him so memorable and made him friends on and off the field. You really couldn't say a bad word about the guy. You'll be missed, Hiawatha.