Recruiting day is always a circus and Paul Rhoads was more than happy to play ringleader yesterday. The Iowa State football coach was positively giddy to show off the National Letter of Intent signed by Urbandale’s Allen Lazard. I can’t say I blame him since ISU doesn’t usually get a big-time prospect of Lazard’s caliber. The Cyclones won the receiver’s services despite competition from the likes of Notre Dame (though I suspect the golden domers stayed on Lazard’s case just to show boosters they’re chasing a big-time recruit). Heck, Rhoads was downright gloating. (And this probably means more to me than to you, but I don’t like his edict that Lazard is off-limits to the media. Remember, the media is the conduit between the program and the fans, and I have a feeling fans will want to hear from a guy everyone expects to be a star.) Rhoads struck a very different tone when asked to rank this year’s class with the others he’s pulled in as ISU head coach. He called himself a “realist” regarding recruiting, which is kind of a refreshing take. Most every coach gushes about their recruiting class to ridiculous degrees and while Rhoads made it clear he’s happy with his haul, he also pointed out we won’t know how good the class is for four or five years. Many coaches would be wise to follow that lead.