It’s the highlight of my week and I hope yours, it’s links time!

If you’re itching for football season, whet your appetitive with this stats-centric breakdown of the Cyclones’ outlook for 2013 courtesy of SBNation:

Here’s the Ames Tribune’s Bobby La Gesse with a column about how ISU brings us another example of athletes getting eaten up and chewed out by the system:

I probably don’t give enough love to the ISU Daily, so here’s a feature about ISU female athlete of the year Betsy Saina:

This picture of a high school baseball game being played in Colorado while a fire rages in the background is pretty crazy:

Fan made logo facemasks? Fan made logo facemasks:

Alright, so maybe that wasn’t the highlight of your week but at least the weekend is here so go out and make a highlight for yourself.