The Cubs marked the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field the best way they know how: By blowing a ninth-inning lead and breaking the hearts of their fans. It's tradition. But all that aside, I just wanted to add to the bouquets tossed at the shrine on the corner of Clark & Addison. Wrigley is, by far, may favorite sports venue. I love my Twins, and their new home, but Wrigley is like no other (with the possible exception of the slightly older Fenway Park). I've been to about a dozen Major League parks (add another if watching the ISU football team at Yankee Stadium counts), a couple NFL venues, and a few minor league venues, but no other stadium or arena is an experience like Wrigley Field. The bricks, the ivy, the hand-operated scoreboard, the bleachers and even the narrow concourse combine to make the place one of a kind. I don't even notice the place lacks a giant video screen after a while. There's too much good people-watching, and occasional good baseball, to even bother anyway. So allow me to crack open an Old Style and say "Happy birthday" to what I consider the true happiest place on earth, as long as you don't take into account the final score. Thanks Wrigley, and here's to 100 more!