Just when you think it's all up to Iowa State's "Big 3" of Ejim, Kane and Niang along comes a guy like Dustin Hogue. He's the type of player that doesn't get a lot of hype, nor does he want any. He's the one ISU coach Fred Hoiberg calls the "glue guy". The guy who does the dirty work. The guy who scrambles for every loose ball, will battle anyone on the glass and is more than willing to rip the ball out of the hands of an opposing player. Hogue is also the kind of guy who, every so often, steps up when his teammates falter and scores 19 points. He does it because he has to. Because his higher-profile teammates are on the bench with foul trouble. He's the guy who makes the little plays that become big plays. After diving to the floor for a loose ball and feeding his teammate, he'll happily stay on the floor to watch his guys finish the fast break. That's what Dustin Hogue did for Iowa State Thursday in the Big 12 Tournament quarterfinals. He also got his offense going, sinking a fading baseline jumper he calls his secret weapon. The Cyclones needed every one of those 19 points, every one of those loose balls and tough rebounds. Dustin Hogue carried the Cyclones in a lot of ways Thursday. Most importantly, he carried them into the Big 12 semifinals.