I’m not usually the type to say “Toldja so!” but, well, you get it. I’ll take some credit for predicting the ISU football team would beat Tulsa yesterday even though I was way off on the score. I’ll take even more credit for calling on coaches to get Aaron Wimberly more involved in the offense. (You were listening to the Cyclone Tailgate show yesterday, right?) Wimberly came through in big way, with the most rushing yards by a Cyclone in almost two years. In addition, quarterback Sam Richardson was solid and the offensive line was buoyed by the return of center Tom Farniok. Toss in good defensive effort, including a few forced turnovers and one gift fumble, and you have a nice all-around performance in a must-win game. I’ll be holding my breath to see if the Cyclones can do it again next Thursday when Texas comes to town.