So I’m trying a little experiment with my brackets this year and if you’ll bear with me, I’d like to tell you about it. (I know, listening to some yahoo talk about his brackets is usually boring but please bear with me.) I came across an interesting approach while perusing the internets this week. The Wall Street Journal has a great feature allowing you to make “blind” picks. No school names, no exact seeds or rankings. Just measurements of the teams’ various qualities, strengths and weaknesses, along with a little description that may or may not tip you as to who they really are. Oh, and the code names are fun, too. Find it here: So I gave it a shot and got something very interesting: A Final Four of Kansas, Creighton, Louisville and Villanova. Yes, I wound up with the Cyclones losing to the Wildcats in the Sweet 16. I know you’re very disappointed in me. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say I’d maybe pick one of those teams in an actual pool (which I’ll be filling out soon here: Won’t you do the same?). I think I’d probably pick ISU to beat ‘Nova but man, picking between the Clones and Michigan State will be a chore. And you know thinking about that matchup will bring back painful memories but here we are. Who will win it all? I don’t know, honestly but I’m supposed to act like I do. I’ll go with Florida but I’ll give you this: I think Iowa State has a better than even chance of going to the Final Four. What do you think?